Urban postcards is a glance into the story of an urban settlement - THANE. A departure from the dated identity. The endeavour is to capture diverse urban phenomenon that will redefine status quo.

Geographically Thane connects Mumbai to the rest of Maharashtra. This strategic location plays a huge role in the story of transforming a fisherman’s village to a suburb of Bombay and then a growing sister city to Mumbai today. First comes the railway line connecting Bombay to Thane, resulting in Industrial development along the corridor. In the late 20th century, improved road and rail connectivity to Bombay expands the residential development once concentrated around Thane railway station to 142 Sq kms sprawl; today called Thane City.

Explorations in Thane led to discovery of spatial patterns that are reminiscent of the past and driving forces shaping the immediate future. The urban processes in the city can be witnessed through five spatial patterns, each showcasing a distinct phenomenon. The name, choice of frame and the language of the essay is informed by the protagnist that triggered change in the area.