Bombay is not just the financial capital of India but also the oldest example of a cosmopolitan metropolis.
It envelopes the essence of everyday life in a dense fabric of small units and big dreams.
The massive migration to Bombay, has resulted in intense pressure due to which insensitive residential units and housing complexes are cropping up in the city every day.

I believe we are a city in the middle of a beautiful memory and a massive catastrophe. We aspire to be a Shanghai but we are not quite there yet.

Urbanization has been so rampant in the past years that it has become both an opportunity and threat to Bombay’s growth.

Coupled with growing migration from the rural and other cities of India, lack of infrstructure maintenance and addition and growing privatization of services, the general habitability of the city has lowered drastically, leading to consistently lower expectation of the masses.

Each part of Bombay had a language. Dadar was different from Bandra, which was different from Santacruz which was different from Borivali. Each place had its own culture. Today, its all the same.

The reason behind this project is to question what we are leaving behind, and to leave behind, what we are building, as our legacy.