Its value is in

      this: the human body

      chosen as admissible

      support of numbers...

      .....Here is proportion! 

    -  Le Corbusier, The Poem Of The Right Angle.

"Le Modulor" - Corbusier's Modular Man, an iconic illustration of proportion, is juxtaposed with a shell, which Corbusier regarded as an archetypal female form. 

Much like any great painting, Corbusier’s works are poetic, timeless and grand, making for an important study in his use of lines, curves, colours, and the overall composition. It is nothing short of magic how his choice to add a splash of colour could suddenly lend an element of surprise and break the monotony of the space. In an experimental attempt to embrace fully this holistic vision of Corbusier, the photo series stands as an organic manifestation of the spiritual place where Corbusier’s genius and poetry meet the photographer’s intrigue.

One of the most influential architects of the 20th century, French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier changed the face of urban architecture. Through his writings and drawings, he shaped the nature of modern living and brought to life the role of the architect in creating spaces in the new age.

The series attempted to understand the “art of architecture”, as envisioned by Corbusier. Considering good architecture is an artist’s vision at the end of the day, the portraits became a portait of the architect himself, capturing his vision and buildings using the visual language and perspective of the artist. Viewing architecture as a medium of fine art and not as a static building, the architectural compositions observe the details in the abstract, bringing out several of Corbusier’s principles such as : the pilotis, Palindromic ramp, the strip windows, the open plan and the use of colors.